Thursday, March 22, 2007

Apartment Idealz (storage for the bedroom)

So my little sister and I are still hunting for an apartment here in the city. We've been looking hard and think we may have found something. In my mind that's license to begin making plans for decorating my bedroom and we've both starting plotting out the living room. In my mind I saw this fab little shelving unit in my room of course it's going to be black, problem is that realizing this unit could be quite expensive so I started to look around.

The above image is my ideal unit based on realistic parts from one of my favorite places for mass produced slightly over priced goods....Target. Target doesn't sell a unit that actually looks like this but they do sell some cube storage that comes close and can be combined for my desired look. (See below) The eight cube unit will be turned so that is is 2x4 and one will be placed on each side of the 3x3 unit (I already have one in my dorm room). Of course this only happens after the pieces have been painted black (I'm thinking of going for the lacquered look). I'm just totally in love with the idea and already have plans for what will go on my soon to be new shelving. I'm considering making my bedroom a TV free zone so that would leave space on top of the 3x3 section for an awesome candle-scape and some nicely "potted" lucky bamboo plants.

  • The actual cubes (~1x1) will house my books, some objects DE Arte, and maybe a few fabric drawers/baskets for storage (in the cubes without backs).
  • On top of the ~4ft shelves a nice vase and a potted vine (matching).
  • To each side of the 2x4 units, I would like to do some sort of sconce (wall mounted or hanging from the ceiling), and over the 3x3 maybe a nice original painting or a rasterbation of some sort.

This is just my thought for my "focus" wall and should set me back maybe $150, I'm so hoping I can do it for less. If we get the apartment we're LOVING right now all of the storage will be in closet so the room doesn't have to be anything but comfortable. Next post (give me a day or two tops) I'll be discussing my plans for bedding and lounging. Can we say Ms. Ma'at is totally excited about this whole thing.


Sheila said...

Its nice to read that you are closer to realizing your dream... cool idea for the shelving... and I am crossing my eyes, ears and toes on the apartment deal.

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