Friday, December 12, 2008

excuse my mess

The page will be down until further notice :( If you're here to see samples of my work. Look around, and contact me at

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crochet Christmas Randomosity

Okay, so no pictures today. Just a nice list of things that I need to make and package before Christmas. I have only managed to finish a neck warmer for my favorite newlywed. That still means I need to do a hat for the set, and a hat for "that man". I need to make a little purse for my friend's daughter, but I think it might be forced to wait until after Christmas. I don't like to make her wait, because I promised it to her soooo long ago, but I also have a paper to write, and a final to prepare for :(. I'm kind of happy to say it though, I've been abandoning my craft time in favor of quality time. Maybe I'll say more later lol. Oh yeah and let my not forget the top part of a sweater that's staring at me from across the room. I'm working top down and in the round based on the Sweet template on Crochet me. I started working it up in Lion-brand wool-ease, but I realized it'd be more cozy in homespun (I LOVE the Lagoon color) It's this amazing teal with wisps of plum-my purple. It's just gorgeous. Not the most expensive yarn, but hey I'm on a budget. I am going to finish the wool-ease version, maybe do something tunic length. (I have a butt load of the yarn; I purchased it for a project a year or so ago, and it didn't work for the pattern. There may be pictures... in January.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rheatheylia's Cable Hat better known as Copper Cables

So, I've finished another item, yay me. It is Rheatheylia's now infamous crochet cables hat. I made mine from a coppery (looks straight up orange), 100% Peruvian wool, once again from the LYS. I took me about a week to finish and this is with random on and off working mostly on the bus. On Sunday, some random ass dude came up and asked if I was making a kufi.... I just gave him the stink eye and kept it moving. Now without further ado, Copper Cables

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

House Slippers

Ok so what the slippers are two different shades of blue lol I like them that way. I'm also like super ashy in this picture (I'm sick and it's cold lemme lone) I followed (loosely) a pattern from a forum on craftster. These suckers are warm and toasty, I used one strand of Lion Brand Homespun and a strand of worsted weight wool from my LYS (it's like multiple shades of blue same yarn as the wrist warmers). The pattern was supper easy and the only problem is I crocheted the darker slipper with an N hook (started ) and finished with a K so it's not as stiff as the light blue one which I worked completely with the K. Oh well Newbie-ness strikes again. What do ya think?

Monday, October 20, 2008

El Fin de Purple Passion

There it is the fruit of my labour lol. I actually finished it at about 3am Friday morning. I couldn't sleep so I decided to finish. My mother loved it. Now I'm off to work on some mittens, a hat, and a neck warmer (in the same purple). It's getting cold and I'm determined not to buy any knitwear accessories this fall/winter. The hat will be last as I need to figure out something big enough to hold may growing hair... any suggestions.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Afya's Wrap Top... Almost there

So I got a lot of discouraged when I realized that I had to frog my left sleeve (the final league, of my first real wearable's, journey). I've dragged myself up out of the dirt, and I'm on my way again. Tonight, while watching the debate, I began reworking it and added the necessary increases to the upper arm. I love Afya's patterns, but like a lot of patterns, it never fails that I have to do a bit of altering and changes to get them just right. When I look at the piece hanging on my closet door, the sleeves look crazy but it fits perfectly. I'm not complaining. There's a hint of chill coming on and I think that this top will aid me in my journey to warmth.. Oh yeah! I'm naming my top.... Purple Passion. LOL I know I know, but it's fun.
See just a bit further

Once I finish the sleeves I plan on finishing with two rows of half double crochet in black. Maybe by Saturday.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lux the Neckwarmer

This is my neckwarmer, his name is Lux (you should feel this yarn)...

He is my friend on days like today when Music City is cool, rainy, and pretending that it knows that the seasons have changed. I know I know he doesn't look like he belongs to a woman, but that's because his lovely wool/angora blend yarn was purchased to make a scarf for my ex-boyfriend (last November). He's wonderful really, made up from my own mind with a mesh stitch done in double crochet. His gray trim is done in single and half double crochet. I just kind of came up with the button and tab, creating as I went. Once again the yarn is something whose name I can't recall because I purchased it last year at the LYS. I even have a picture of Lux lovingly embracing my cold neck...

See don't we look happy :) . Lux has a sister in the making her name is Blaze (started out as the back from the blazer in the Happy Hooker book) she will be appearing shortly. Lux and Blaze will also be getting a cousin who will go to live with one of the wonderful ladies that works in my school's dining hall (the cousin has no gender or name yet). I think this is the beginning of Nappy Threadz Custom Crochet... What do you think?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More finished object

All of the following items were finished sometime within the past year, except the last hat.

*The first is the Kinky Reggae from Afya's Hip Hats/Cool Caps (red heart acrylic)

*The second is my travel crochet hook roll (it has crochet buttons and cabled detailing)(some random Bernat yarn)

*The next two are random hats (Red heart acrylic)

*The one after that is my "convertible hat" it looks like a cloche, fedora, or bucket hat depending on how you wear it It started out as the fedora from Afya's book, but I stopped following the pattern about half-way through and just went with it lol.(I'm thinking of going back and doing a black or brown band on it maybe with a button and tab or something)(lion brand wool-ease)

* Last but not least is my FAVORITE hat. It was my first one ever and it's also the softest warmest thing ever. (Lion Brand Homespun yarn)

Back... Again

So I have yet to finish the purple wrap top from Afya's book, I get disgusted with the sleeves and end up putting it down. It's an easy pattern, but I keep having to adjust the sleeves to fit my big ol' arms, now the first sleeve went fine because I went into it knowing I had to make it bigger, but the second sleeve, weeeeelll I didn't go to work on it until like June and got about halfway down before I realized I'd forgotten to make it bigger. Due to annoyance I put it back in the W.I.P. bag and that's where it is now... in October. I'm clearly not a pro. I did however finish a pair of fingerless gloves

The yarn is a multi-tonal blue wool I got from my LYS, and I can't remember the name since I got the two skeins I have of it like last year sometime. I'm currently working on two neck warmers that I'm going to post pictures of sometime in the next few days.. I know I'm a bad blogger cause I'm so frequently absent, but lordy if you knew how seldom I get to crochet , I swear you'd understand :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My first completed clothing item

I'm nearly finished with the It's a Wrap , top from Afya Ibomu's newest book. I'm excited because I've been working on and off for a week and this will be my first completed clothing item that isn't well a hat or mitten or scarf.. You can see below that I'm working on the sleeves after that it's just a matter of weaving in the ends.