Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Still Hooked

I'm back, and I'm still hooked, I'm a hooker (yes I had to make bad crochet jokes). This summer has been hellacious and I'm happy to report that I'll soon be back to my normal life. I'm working on a few projects now and I have finished the would be fedora, but of course now it's not really a fedora just some sort of hat with a brim. I'll post pictures asap. It's good to be back and I should be updating once a week from here on out.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dream Realized

WE GOT OUR APARTMENT!!!! Now I know for those who already have house that isn't such a big deal, but I'm just about to graduate from college and my cohorts are still in. It's our first place so you know how that goes. now that means I get to do some decorating and I will definitely post pics. Tentative move in date is May 1st but we should start painting and stuff a few days before.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Apartment Idealz (storage for the bedroom)

So my little sister and I are still hunting for an apartment here in the city. We've been looking hard and think we may have found something. In my mind that's license to begin making plans for decorating my bedroom and we've both starting plotting out the living room. In my mind I saw this fab little shelving unit in my room of course it's going to be black, problem is that realizing this unit could be quite expensive so I started to look around.

The above image is my ideal unit based on realistic parts from one of my favorite places for mass produced slightly over priced goods....Target. Target doesn't sell a unit that actually looks like this but they do sell some cube storage that comes close and can be combined for my desired look. (See below) The eight cube unit will be turned so that is is 2x4 and one will be placed on each side of the 3x3 unit (I already have one in my dorm room). Of course this only happens after the pieces have been painted black (I'm thinking of going for the lacquered look). I'm just totally in love with the idea and already have plans for what will go on my soon to be new shelving. I'm considering making my bedroom a TV free zone so that would leave space on top of the 3x3 section for an awesome candle-scape and some nicely "potted" lucky bamboo plants.

  • The actual cubes (~1x1) will house my books, some objects DE Arte, and maybe a few fabric drawers/baskets for storage (in the cubes without backs).
  • On top of the ~4ft shelves a nice vase and a potted vine (matching).
  • To each side of the 2x4 units, I would like to do some sort of sconce (wall mounted or hanging from the ceiling), and over the 3x3 maybe a nice original painting or a rasterbation of some sort.

This is just my thought for my "focus" wall and should set me back maybe $150, I'm so hoping I can do it for less. If we get the apartment we're LOVING right now all of the storage will be in closet so the room doesn't have to be anything but comfortable. Next post (give me a day or two tops) I'll be discussing my plans for bedding and lounging. Can we say Ms. Ma'at is totally excited about this whole thing.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Shoutz Out

This is just a brief post to shout out my favorite crocheting sistah. I would like to thank Shelia of Shelia's Crochet for my gifted yarn from her stash clearance. I greatly admire this sister's work, she's awesome! I have never encountered someone online who was so helpful or friendly. This woman's work (Whatever happened to Maxwell by the way?) is amazing because she freestyles her stuff. So this is my Shout out to Shelia.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Nappy in Abstentia

Just a quick hello here. I've been extremely busy & tired lately, so there hasn't been much time to post or even make stuff to post about. I can however provide a quick run down of crafty things to come.

  • Completed booty shorts
  • Completed fedora
  • Nintendo DS Lite case
  • some stuff whipped up for my soon to be new apartment (by soon I'm talking May)

I think that about covers it. Peace & Blessings.

Monday, February 19, 2007

You want to do what?!

This is not crochet related, but since it involves my sewing machine there is a "common thread" (yes I know that was a horrible pun, but I couldn't help myself).

I came home for the weekend, you know to visit the folks and what not. My mother and I were sitting in the computer room when she looks at me and goes, "hey, can I sell your sewing machine?" I asked her if she'd gone nuts, and her reply was no but you don't use it. Umm hello, I'm in Nashville and the sewing machine is here of course I don't use it. There's no room for it in my dorm cubby (my room, I'll post the picture of the crochet corner and you'll understand). I told her NO you may not sell it, I'm going to come get it when I get my apartment we're talking end of April here guys. I just get the feeling that woman is trying to be rid of me lol.

On threadier topics, the sewing machine is going to be a vital part of the moving as I have sincere intentions of being sister sews it lol. I plan on doing my own throw pillows and possibly a duvet cover of sorts, heck I might even get bold and try my hand at some curtains... or not. The thing is I'm really a huge fan of DIY so the idea of making stuff gets my heart racing. I'm thinking platform bed with hidden storage (hello somebody lol). There was a sister on NP a while back who built her own bed and dresser and I was totally feeling it, so I'm thinking something like that... Only time will tell.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hatz off: A crochet fedora and other projects in progress

This is my latest project, well at least the one that's closest to being finished. It's is supposed to be a fedora like (I call it the F-Type lol) hat. I'm using camel colored Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn, a size H hook. The hat is being worked in half double and single crochet. I based it on one of the patterns in Afya Ibomu's book Get Your Crochet On: Hip Hats and Cool Caps Once it is finished I intend to wet it and shape it. So far it is looking a bit on the small side so it probably won't be something I'm going to keep for myself. Once it is completed (crocheted and shaped) I will take measurements, post them with a picture, and state if I decided to gift it or if it might be up for grabs. If it goes up for grabs I am a fan of swaps over sells but I will consider selling it. I might be a while finishing as I am also working on a pair of shorts (itty bitty things for my best friend). The shorts are hot pink
and black (as you can see in this oh so fuzzy picture). They are being doin in Red Heart Super Saver yarn which has the amazing quality of becoming quite soft and drapey when it is killed (pressed with a hot steam iron) I'm going to work the rest of the "body" in black, do a hot pink inset for the fastening area and the top border, and black lacing (single crocheted cord). I will also post completed pictures of the oh so scandalous shorts. There is also a camisole in the pecking order. It will be chocolate brown and maybe light blue. I'm going to be getting my digital camera back sooner rather than later so the rest of my pictures should be much better. Until later.... Keep your gauge right and don't get it twisted (twisted yarn ruins the best projects).

Monday, February 12, 2007

For Love or Money

Some of the most dramatic issues for the creative soul boil down to the question "for love or money, or the love of money". It is quite clear that I crochet for love. My mother taught me to crochet when I was seven years old, and I've been at it every since. I never finished anything other than a potholder until my junior year in college. I made a scarf, and I did that out of love too. My first 5 or so projects were things that I made for other people. I never charged any of them a dime because they were people I loved. I have yet to make a dime off of my crocheting, and it may not happen anytime soon. I believe in swapping items with other crocheters, gifting items, and making them for charity. I never make things with the intent to sell them, but now that I'm in the habit of creating things just because I can, the idea is seeming oh so appealing. Let's just put it like this, I crochet for the same reason that most athletes started to play their sport and that's because I love it; like most athletes I don't have an issue with the concept of being paid for doing what I love. That said it's all about the love, joy, and fun but money is nice too. (the picture above is not my work, just a relevant image.. I might try my hand at it though)