Friday, April 17, 2009

J'adore Doris Chan

Man oh man do I adore Doris Chan. Her designs are beautiful and well thought out, and her patterns are well written. Couple that with the fact that she's wonderfully sweet and very helpful, and you have an incredible lady.

So why the random praise of Doris? Well I ordered her book, Everyday Crochet last Friday. I received it on Tuesday and began working on the Cameo camisole that night. Well last night I ran into some confusion with the body part of the pattern. I contacted Doris on Ravelry, and within a couple of hours, she responded. I was stoked that #1 I was doing it properly and #2 she responded so quickly. So now I'm working on my top and it's all thanks to Doris that I'm no longer stuck. I'm thinking I might go down a hook size for some waist shaping, but other than that I'm going to work as instructed. I just hope I can manage to finish it by next week.

*In other news I finished my Shoulder Lean and man does the Amazon yarn stretch. I'm thinking I might wash again and throw it in the dryer to try and draw it up some.

* I keep seeing these Namaste bags and I really want one. Perfect combo of two of my loves... huge purses and yarn (they're designed to hold projects as well as everything else).


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