Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crochet Christmas Randomosity

Okay, so no pictures today. Just a nice list of things that I need to make and package before Christmas. I have only managed to finish a neck warmer for my favorite newlywed. That still means I need to do a hat for the set, and a hat for "that man". I need to make a little purse for my friend's daughter, but I think it might be forced to wait until after Christmas. I don't like to make her wait, because I promised it to her soooo long ago, but I also have a paper to write, and a final to prepare for :(. I'm kind of happy to say it though, I've been abandoning my craft time in favor of quality time. Maybe I'll say more later lol. Oh yeah and let my not forget the top part of a sweater that's staring at me from across the room. I'm working top down and in the round based on the Sweet template on Crochet me. I started working it up in Lion-brand wool-ease, but I realized it'd be more cozy in homespun (I LOVE the Lagoon color) It's this amazing teal with wisps of plum-my purple. It's just gorgeous. Not the most expensive yarn, but hey I'm on a budget. I am going to finish the wool-ease version, maybe do something tunic length. (I have a butt load of the yarn; I purchased it for a project a year or so ago, and it didn't work for the pattern. There may be pictures... in January.


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