Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One the Hard way or my random arm warmer

Size J Hook and half a skein of Vanna's Choice

This started out as the wrist warmer from Crochet that fits, but by the time I modified it to fit my forearm it definitely didn't look like Mary Jane's pattern. The problem arose when it came time to sew it closed, the wrist area is actually a bit loose, but the forearm wouldn't even close so I whipped out my hook and added four rows of varying lengths. This made it look a bit like the back of a skirt but it also allowed for a larger forearm. I did this because every since my surgery, cold makes my wrist hurt.


Sheila said...

Thanks for lovely compliment on my jacket. For years all I did was pillows, curtains and whatnot, but then in 2005 I went for it and enjoying it... you must give it a try.

Nice wrist warmer... now I have a question... where is the other one...lol

Nappy Threadz said...

It just doesn't exist lol

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