Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hatz off: A crochet fedora and other projects in progress

This is my latest project, well at least the one that's closest to being finished. It's is supposed to be a fedora like (I call it the F-Type lol) hat. I'm using camel colored Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn, a size H hook. The hat is being worked in half double and single crochet. I based it on one of the patterns in Afya Ibomu's book Get Your Crochet On: Hip Hats and Cool Caps Once it is finished I intend to wet it and shape it. So far it is looking a bit on the small side so it probably won't be something I'm going to keep for myself. Once it is completed (crocheted and shaped) I will take measurements, post them with a picture, and state if I decided to gift it or if it might be up for grabs. If it goes up for grabs I am a fan of swaps over sells but I will consider selling it. I might be a while finishing as I am also working on a pair of shorts (itty bitty things for my best friend). The shorts are hot pink
and black (as you can see in this oh so fuzzy picture). They are being doin in Red Heart Super Saver yarn which has the amazing quality of becoming quite soft and drapey when it is killed (pressed with a hot steam iron) I'm going to work the rest of the "body" in black, do a hot pink inset for the fastening area and the top border, and black lacing (single crocheted cord). I will also post completed pictures of the oh so scandalous shorts. There is also a camisole in the pecking order. It will be chocolate brown and maybe light blue. I'm going to be getting my digital camera back sooner rather than later so the rest of my pictures should be much better. Until later.... Keep your gauge right and don't get it twisted (twisted yarn ruins the best projects).


Sheila said...

Oh... I am loving the Fedora... and its one of my to do projects. You are so right about red heart yarn and the kill process. Once you run the steam iron over it with a pillow slip cover over the project its like butter...hehe. Anxiously waiting the pics of your scandalous shorts.

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