Monday, February 19, 2007

You want to do what?!

This is not crochet related, but since it involves my sewing machine there is a "common thread" (yes I know that was a horrible pun, but I couldn't help myself).

I came home for the weekend, you know to visit the folks and what not. My mother and I were sitting in the computer room when she looks at me and goes, "hey, can I sell your sewing machine?" I asked her if she'd gone nuts, and her reply was no but you don't use it. Umm hello, I'm in Nashville and the sewing machine is here of course I don't use it. There's no room for it in my dorm cubby (my room, I'll post the picture of the crochet corner and you'll understand). I told her NO you may not sell it, I'm going to come get it when I get my apartment we're talking end of April here guys. I just get the feeling that woman is trying to be rid of me lol.

On threadier topics, the sewing machine is going to be a vital part of the moving as I have sincere intentions of being sister sews it lol. I plan on doing my own throw pillows and possibly a duvet cover of sorts, heck I might even get bold and try my hand at some curtains... or not. The thing is I'm really a huge fan of DIY so the idea of making stuff gets my heart racing. I'm thinking platform bed with hidden storage (hello somebody lol). There was a sister on NP a while back who built her own bed and dresser and I was totally feeling it, so I'm thinking something like that... Only time will tell.


Sheila said...

Oh I hear you on the common thread issue. I have a sewing machine collecting dust. I have been so wrapped up in crocheting that I haven't given it a second thought. Oh.. you will definitely enjoy making duvet covers and curtains. When I did sew those were my favorites and embellishing my daughters clothing. I'll stay tuned for the sew-a-rama

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