Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Afya's Wrap Top... Almost there

So I got a lot of discouraged when I realized that I had to frog my left sleeve (the final league, of my first real wearable's, journey). I've dragged myself up out of the dirt, and I'm on my way again. Tonight, while watching the debate, I began reworking it and added the necessary increases to the upper arm. I love Afya's patterns, but like a lot of patterns, it never fails that I have to do a bit of altering and changes to get them just right. When I look at the piece hanging on my closet door, the sleeves look crazy but it fits perfectly. I'm not complaining. There's a hint of chill coming on and I think that this top will aid me in my journey to warmth.. Oh yeah! I'm naming my top.... Purple Passion. LOL I know I know, but it's fun.
See just a bit further

Once I finish the sleeves I plan on finishing with two rows of half double crochet in black. Maybe by Saturday.


Sheila said...

Your wrap top looks good and agree that when it comes to following patterns, I almost always end up modifying it.

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