Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back... Again

So I have yet to finish the purple wrap top from Afya's book, I get disgusted with the sleeves and end up putting it down. It's an easy pattern, but I keep having to adjust the sleeves to fit my big ol' arms, now the first sleeve went fine because I went into it knowing I had to make it bigger, but the second sleeve, weeeeelll I didn't go to work on it until like June and got about halfway down before I realized I'd forgotten to make it bigger. Due to annoyance I put it back in the W.I.P. bag and that's where it is now... in October. I'm clearly not a pro. I did however finish a pair of fingerless gloves

The yarn is a multi-tonal blue wool I got from my LYS, and I can't remember the name since I got the two skeins I have of it like last year sometime. I'm currently working on two neck warmers that I'm going to post pictures of sometime in the next few days.. I know I'm a bad blogger cause I'm so frequently absent, but lordy if you knew how seldom I get to crochet , I swear you'd understand :)


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