Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More finished object

All of the following items were finished sometime within the past year, except the last hat.

*The first is the Kinky Reggae from Afya's Hip Hats/Cool Caps (red heart acrylic)

*The second is my travel crochet hook roll (it has crochet buttons and cabled detailing)(some random Bernat yarn)

*The next two are random hats (Red heart acrylic)

*The one after that is my "convertible hat" it looks like a cloche, fedora, or bucket hat depending on how you wear it It started out as the fedora from Afya's book, but I stopped following the pattern about half-way through and just went with it lol.(I'm thinking of going back and doing a black or brown band on it maybe with a button and tab or something)(lion brand wool-ease)

* Last but not least is my FAVORITE hat. It was my first one ever and it's also the softest warmest thing ever. (Lion Brand Homespun yarn)


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